ABOCFA Organic and Fairtrade cocoa is available for pre-order at any time of year, for the forthcoming main harvest season, subject to availability.

All cocoa produced by ABOCFA members has both Organic (EU and USDA – NOP) and Fairtrade certifications. Relevant premiums apply to all ABOCFA cocoa sales.

Total annual production capacity as of 2023 is 1000+MT. Minimum order: 12.5MT.

Cocoa ships from Tema port in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

Flavor profile: Classic Ghana “chocolate-y” base, with varied complex flavor notes
Chocolate makers who use ABOCFA beans have produced bars with notes of peanut, toasted coconut, marshmallow, toffee, cinnamon, graham cracker, banana, tart fresh fruit, dried fruit, and/or fudge, depending upon harvest and decisions around roast and conch.

To place an order for ABOCFA cocoa, please contact us2